AGM 2019

Thanks to everyone who turned up for AGM on Thursday April 4th. Quick summary of proceedings below. Let me know if you want anything else added to the record. rob.

  • Committee for the year:
    • Chair: Charles.
    • Treasurer: Robin.
    • Secretary: Rob.
  • Finances: Healthy Surplus in Bank Account with only  approx £30 spent over year.
  • Other Items:
    • Xmas Tournament – agreement to try book St Columba’s again for this year. I’ll arrange this.
    • Clocks – Neil reported that we should be able to get some analogue clocks surplus to requirements from BGA for club use.
    • Inter-Club Matches – Neil to make contact with Dundee and Durham
    • Pub/Club Championship/League – Discussion of format for some form of Club Championship/League played in Pub (maybe Jeremiah’s Tap Room) on occasional basis.  Neil was going to investigate.

Club AGM 2019 Invite

Hello Everyone,

Quick e-mail to invite you the to the Club AGM 2019 on April 4th at the Games Hub at 8:00 pm.

The current agenda items are:
i)   Review of Accounts
ii)  Election of Officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer).
iii) Any Other Business.
Please let me know if you are interested in any of the listed roles, or want to get involved with organisation in other ways.
Also, If there’s anything that you think we should change, do better, buy, or not do at all…. then let me know and I can add onto the agenda.
Best Regards,

Christmas Tournament 2019 Results

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Edinburgh Christmas Tournament, that was played on Saturday 15th December at St. Columba’s-by-the-Castle Church Hall.

Boris Mitrovic won four games out of four to win the Tournament. Worthy mentions to James Richards, Alistair Wall, and Roger Daniel who each won three of their four.

Full results can be found here.

Registration for Edinburgh Xmas Tournament is now Open

The 2018 Edinburgh Christmas Tournament will be held at St. Columba’s-by-the-Castle Church on Saturday 15th December. It’s a 4-round McMahon Tournament with 45 minutes main time and accelerating 30/40/50 stones in successive 5 minute overtime periods. More details can be found on the  Edinburgh Xmas Tournament 2018 page and the registration form is here.

Any questions please get in touch, at .