Minutes of AGM

Date: 30th March 2017
Attendees: Boris, Robin, Rob, Neil, Art, Charles, Peter, James, Stephen.
1. + 2. Following Constitution was adopted :

Constitution of the Edinburgh Go Club

  1. The Edinburgh Go Club is a non profit-making organisation devoted to the playing of, and promotion of interest in, the game of go.
  2. The officers of the club shall include Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
  3. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to which the Secretary shall invite all members at least two weeks in advance.
  4. The business of the AGM shall include the election of officers, and the presentation by the Treasurer of the previous year’s accounts. Any other motions shall be notified to Chairman within 1 day of the meeting.
  5. The club shall not borrow or take on liabilities
  6. On dissolution, assets of the club shall go to the British Go Association
  7. Decisions on disbursement of funds require a majority of elected officers.
3. Presentation of Accounts: Boris reported current balance is £700 in Clydesdale Account.
4.Election of Officers:
Following Officers were elected:
– Chairman: Boris Mitrovic
– Secretary: Rob Payne
– Treasurer: Robin McLean
5. AOB:
– Discussion of Scottish Open which will be in Edinburgh on 27th-28th May.
– Next AGM to be scheduled in March Next Year.

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