Edinburgh Go Club

Welcome to the home page of Edinburgh Go Club.

Go is a board game of skill for two players. Originating in the Far East over 3000 years ago, Go is known as 围棋 (wei qi) in Chinese, 囲碁 (igo) in Japanese, and 바둑 (baduk) in Korean. The rules are simple, yet the game is complex and fascinating.

We currently meet regularly at the Games Hub, 101 Lauriston Place on Thursday Evenings from around 6:30 until 10:00.

To join the club, and keep-up-to-date with latest information sign-up to the google-group mailing-list here: EDINBURGH GO CLUB MAILING LIST.  

The mailing list can be used to arrange additional sessions on different days/locations (Drouthy Neebors on a Tuesday has been popular recently). See the Where-To-Find us page.


Go Stone Image: By Chad Miller (Flickr: pente)  , via Wikimedia Commons ( CC BY-SA 2.0 )